AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder is one of the world's top hydraulic cylinder brands, its headquarters in Germany. Suzhou Merkel Hydraulic System Co., Ltd. is Germany's AHP Merkle GmbH branch in China, with an branch office in Shenzhen and the holding AHP Merkle China Ltd. in Hongkong. AHP Merkle is a diversified company that integrates technology, manufacturing and services, striving to achieve world leadership in all industries.

Position: Sales Engineer

Number of recruits: 1 people

1. Understand the mold industry-related knowledge, according to the sales department's plan / strategy, responsible for sales in the region.
2. To develop the market; to develop our customers and maintain the company's good reputation.
3. Contact / visit customers, timely access to market information.
4. Submit weekly reports, monthly reports and travel reports on time.
5. Develop sales plans, conduct sales forecasts, sales analysis and actions in identified areas.
6. Feedback to the sales team leader in market information, prices and information on competitors.
7. Work hard, have a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
8. Expand sales channels, coordinate customer technical training.
9. College education, English writing and speaking, more than one year sales experience is preferred!
10. Other superior placement work.

The company is a foreign-funded enterprises, can provide a good promotion of learning space, 5 days 8 hours, good welfare, and look forward to join people with lofty ideals.

Contact: Miss Wen
Tel: 0512 6296 9386
E-Mail: accounting.suzhou@ahpmerklechina.com

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Address:#105 Weixi Road, Suzhou Industry Park, Suzhou 215121, P.R.China