Block cylinder with system port - BZ 250


Why choose AHP Merkle BZ 250 hydraulic cylinder



When choosing hydraulic cylinders with O-ring, it is usually necessary to install an additional oil circuit board to connect the mold. Additional structure will inevitably affect the weight, size and price of the mold. So can we save this mechanism? Of course yes! The answer is to use AHP Merkle’s BZ 250 hydraulic cylinders.


When the BZ 250 hydraulic cylinder is used, the hydraulic cylinder can be directly connected with the mold plate without the need for additional oil circuit structure. This is of great benefit to the structure and reliability of the mold.


• The pre-dimensioned pattern (including o-seals, keyway and mounting holes) can be positioned anywhere on the side of the cylinder
• Compact hydraulic cylinder
• Maximum operating pressure 250bar
• Primarily used for mold construction
• Piston diameters from Ø25mm bis Ø125mm
• Multiple mounting options available
• Piston rods ground and hardened

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