Block Cylinder for magnetic field sensors (MBZ)

Switch tester

• Compact Hydraulic Cylinder
• Maximum operating pressure 160bar
• Primarily used for mold construction
• Piston diameters from Ø25mm to Ø63mm
• Several piston diameters with standard strokes in stock
• Multiple mounting options available
• Piston rods ground and hardened
• Adjustable switching point
• Hard-coated housing – less wear
NEW: equipped with new generation of magnetic sensors

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New magnetic field sensor offers convenience during installation and start-up
Compared to the previous version, the new magnetic field sensors have two LED luminaires. As soon as the sensor is connected to the control unit, one LED will be lit constantly and indicates that the sensor is ready for use. The second LED begins to flash as soon as the sensor detects a magnetic field. If the sensor reaches the optimal switching point, the second LED will also be lit constantly. This feature makes the correct positioning of the sensor significantly easier.
Not only the actual cylinder, but also the screwed-on profiled strip made of aluminum comply with the previous version.