AHP Merkle China

Since 2006, AHP Merkle began go supply its own high quality hydraulic cylinder to China market through its own team, and got well acceptance from local customers for its world leading quality. To meet the growing demand of Greater China Market, AHP Merkle China started to install its extensive China Stock successfully since 2009, 2013 in May, we even launched our Quick-Delivery-Program with door to door delivery within 48hrs within China, as well, our customers can benefit from a price advantage up to 30%. No Matter what you order, we have already produced it! 

In last years we were working on enlarging our stock cylinder choices by adding further and longer strokes to the BZ 250 series. We had decided in 2022 to put from our BZ 500 series by mounting style 77 certain strokes to our Suzhou Warehouse. For more information, please contact with our Technical and Sales Department.







Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious: We want to drive our customers' success. To this end, since as far back as 1973, when AHP Merkle GmbH was founded, we have been developing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality hydraulic cylinders that are now in demand all over the world. Our constant striving for perfection over the entire process chain has also made it possible for us to supply products that are always perfectly tailored to our customers' stringent requirements – whether they come from the tool making, mould and die making, machine building industries, aluminum pressure die-casting, deburring tool construction, hydroforming, punching tool construction or other sectors.

Many of our custom-developed cylinders are now regarded as industry standards – standards resulting from a modularly structured product mix policy that signifies cost-effective customization with a simultaneously high level of efficiency and quick availability to our customers. An outstanding achievement that would be unthinkable without the more than 260 employees at our headquarters in Gottenheim, Germany, and without those working in our sales subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Suzhou (China), as well as in Guissano (Italy) and Marhina Grande (Portugal). But also an achievement that has allowed us to establish an international presence in Europe, North America and Asia.

Since 2010 we have been using a completely redesigned building located in Gottenheim which has been extended several times in the meantime. Since November 2019 we also have been using our Plant 2, which was erected on our new 44,037 m² company premises directly adjacent the original plant. The key objective here was to optimize internal routes and improve the flow of goods. The total of 60 kilometers of network cabling, 10,000 m² of administration and production area, and 68,700 cubic meters of interior space that are now available bring together the ideas and expertise of employees who are highly motivated to work together towards a common goal: the success of our customers.

What is the basis of our success? As a family-run company, we foster and believe in values. And we live these values. AHP DNA is special and unique. In addition to continuity, integrity and sustainability, the values we promote also include reliability, honesty and openness. Although we also operate economically and must be successful, we nevertheless foster a philosophy that is guided not by quarters but instead by generations: Ideal values that are becoming even more essential, especially in a fast-moving world, and simultaneously serve as a foundation for the necessary quality – quality that with us knows no compromises.

Important for our internal culture as well: at our company there is not just a day-to-day dialog between various technical disciplines, but also between generations. It is our experience and also our conviction that proven methods and fresh inspiration belong together. The organizational structure newly formed in 2018 and 2019 further encourages this: We now work in teams and have eliminated department heads. Due to the integration of each individual employee in the decision-making process, impulses never experienced before now form the basis for forward-looking decisions.