Rotary Gear Flow Dividers are designed to synchronize hydraulic cylinders (bring them to equal stroke length) in on direction only. This needs to be in a direction where the cylinders bottom out (go to the end of their stroke). The synchronizing is accomplished because excess fluid is bled off over the flow divider’s internal relief valves to feed the cylinder that is late getting to the end of its stroke.

Reversing the direction of the cylinders, the Rotary Gear Flow Divider will act as a combiner with the same efficiency as a divider.

Please note that a combiner does not regulate cylinder speed, so a flow control is required to limit maximum flow.


Geared flow dividers are designed to enable a high-precision synchronized feeding of 2 or 4 single-acting or double-acting hydraulic cylinders.






The pilot-operated check valve permits the free passage of oil in one direction and shuts off the entire flow rate in the opposite direction – direction B to A shut, direction A to B open. The closed direction B to A can be opened by feeding oil to the hydraulic pilot connection 

“d”. It is recommended that the valve has to be mounted directly to the cylinder to avoid the elasticity of hydraulic hoses causing slight displacement of the rod.

The use of this valve permits to keep the oil in pressure inside the cylinder at the end stroke position even if the oil pump pressure has been switched off. Typical application will be the contrast of the injection pressure on a radial core displaced by an hydraulic cylinder, on a plastic injection or die casting mold.






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