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CONTURA MTC GmbH is the leading company in the development of conformal cooling concepts. Since Summer 2023 AHP Merkle China helps CONTURA to develop the Chinese market. You will receive all services up to the finished component from one source. Optionally also as variothermal applications.





Every production process starts with the idea. Every production process begins with an idea. In case of an injection-moulded component, CONTURA’s specialists should be involved from the outset. With nearly 20 years of experience with mould temperature control made in Menden, we guarantee smooth and ultimately highly efficient production.

The physical characteristics underlying an injection moulding tool are examined first. An injection moulding tool is primarily a mould heat exchanger, tasked with dissipating heat from a moulding compound – which shrinks considerably as it cools – as efficiently as possible. Maximum temperature control during this process is the goal. As the company name says, CONTURA MTC counts on contour-following and also segmented temperature control.

Whether variothermic process management should be used is decided on a case-by-case basis. Avoiding visible joint lines on exposed surfaces along with possible special surface characteristics dictates the use of corresponding systems here. CONTURA MTC has effective solutions with best-in-class results proven over many years in this area as well.

The temperature management behaviour of a mould insert can be simulated based on the design. This simulation provides assurances at an early stage that the part quality objectives will be achieved.

In producing the special mould insert blank, the requirements for the end product determine the production method – not the other way around. Nothing is left to chance here either; only proven, reliable methods are used. CONTURA MTC is probably the only supplier of contour-following temperature control that can offer such open-process production.

After planning, design, simulation and production, CONTURA ensures high performance maintenance in the production process on request. Among other things, cleaning systems can be used here that have a tremendous positive influence over the long term, which has been proven time and time again.

Thanks to modern video conferencing systems, complex topics can also be discussed virtually. CONTURA MTC has all the tools to improve the production process for a component to the extent that the product concept is achieved and the requirements, as a rule, are exceeded. Customers benefit from shorter cycle times, exact process control, better component quality and, not least, more sustainable production.

Good reasons to include CONTURA’s specialist starting in the product concept phase – turning the idea into a calculable, successful project.




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