Construction of Plant 2 at our headquarters in Gottenheim

Date : 2020-06-28Source: Unknown

Construction of Plant 2 at our headquarters in Gottenheim
On the 6th of November 2018, AHP Merkle GmbH and Gottenheim Mayor Christian Riesterer and architect Klaus Wehrle of the Carré Planning Company from Bleibach have the third expansion with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in our headquarters in Gottenheim.
With the construction of "Werk 2", a hall of 45 to 47 meters and an area of 2115 square meters – sufficient space for our colleagues and the machinery of Baden Hydraulik. With the planned completion of Werk 2 in October 2019, Baden Hydraulik GmbH, which was acquired on 1 July 2015, will not only be relocated to Gottenheim, but will also merge with AHP Merkle into one unit.
In doing so, we are implementing the results that have been produced together in numerous workshops. We threw together machines and production processes of both companies and rearranged them holistically. In the future, we want to act internally and externally as a new unit and expect optimized operating and manufacturing processes. At Werk 2, we will locate assembly, partial warehouse, logistics and shipping. In addition, 32 new parking spaces are being created for our employees.
The investment for the new building amounts is to EUR 4.4 million. We are investing more than a million in additional for the remodeling of production and the new inventory, which is required.
We would like to thank all companies involved in the building and the local authority for setting the track in advance. On a good and accident-free construction time!