SWITCH ACCESSORIES - Series Connection Box

Date : 2021-12-30Source: Unknown

We all know sometimes, there are too many cables on the tools and it is difficult to track of them.
We can help you with that! 
It will be easy for you and your team, by choosing from our switch accessories. 
We offer different:
4/8-pin series connection box (single AND)
8-pin series connection box (dual AND)
Connector for switch accessories
With the series connection box, cylinders sensors can easily be connected in series and the switch positions can be visualized. Since each sensor is supplied with voltage separately, no voltage drop needs to be taken into account. Should there be not enough connections, any number of boxes can be connected in series. 
Every four inputs share one AND gate. This means for example, that with four cylinders all eight sensors can be wired and two AND operations can be output via the same connection line. The switch state indicated by green and red LEDs.
Please have a look into our AHP.book chapter 17 page 4 & 5.