The e-ahp lite Electro-Hydraulic Linear Drive combines the advantages of all previous technical solutions for a linear drive system in just one successful product!

"The e-ahp lite electro-hydraulic linear actuator combines the advantages of electric (clean, maintenance-free, easy connection) and hydraulic drive systems (high forces, high speeds). A groundbreaking product!"

Christen Merkle,
General Manager

Simple & compact & efficient

E-AHP lite is characterized by a compact design just like all of our E-AHP units. It does not require any hydraulic power unit, piping, supply hoses, or valve blocks.

Cylinder and drive form a single unit. (However, they can also be supplied and used separately.)

Unlike its larger siblings, the E-AHP lite variant is designed for simple motions. It great advantage lies in its excellent price-performance ratio.

Wedge clamps or other standard elements installed on this unit can be operated entirely independently.